Dignity are now £200 cheaper than Co-op & Avalon and £100 less than Golden Charter!

  • Fix your funeral costs 
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Cremation fees fixed at today's prices



Avoid the pitfalls so many other people make

Did you know that these plans will only give you a contribution towards your cremation fees, meaning that your family could have to pay more when the time comes: Golden Charter, Avalon, Golden Leaves, Perfect Choice, Safehands.

The Dignity Plan that we recommend GUARANTEES them - giving you complete peace of mind that there will be nothing more for your family to pay for the services detailed in the plan when the time comes.

And for burial funerals they offer a generous contribution of £1,220 to help pay for any funeral fees including your burial plot - other plans restrict the use of this money to the burial fees only.

Plus should not all of this money be used Dignity will return it to your family/estate - other plans do not allow this and keep any remaining money.

Your money will be held in the National Funeral Plan Trust

You have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee

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