Golden Charter Funeral Plans Review

  • Leading independent provider of funeral plans in the UK
  • Access to over 3,000 independent funeral directors
  • Funeral Plans start from £2,895
See how Golden Charter Plans compare to Dignity who are currently over £300 cheaper!

See how Golden Charter Compares

Market insight: Golden Charter is a leading provider of funeral plans. However the cheapest plan on the market as at 27/08/19 is provided by Dignity, who are £200 cheaper and offer more guarantees.

Golden Charter Review - Key Points

 Registered and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)

Include the widest network of funeral directors across the UK

Offer 5 different levels of service

Free transportation if you were to die on holiday anywhere in the UK

All plans are transferable which means they can be used by any member of the family

You get a free Will with 4 of the 5 funeral plans on offer

 The Standard, Select & Premier funeral plans have an allowance of £1,100 for third party costs 

The third party contribution increases annually in line with the trust fund so not transparent

There may be a charge if you move and have to change funeral directors

Offers some of the more expensive funeral plan instalment options

The transportation radius is only 25 miles

Family viewing of the deceased is included in 3 of the 4 plans


Golden Charter Funeral Plan Review - Details

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Compare Quotes - Dignity Plans are currently £200 cheaper !

Golden Charter Funeral Plan Review - Payment Options

You can pay for Golden Charter Funeral Plans a number of ways; here is a summary of the options with prices shown in the table below.  

In Full / over 12 months – This is the cheapest option with no charge for spreading costs over 12 months. Golden Charter also gives you the option to pay a deposit and then clear the balance in one go at any time during the 12 month period so greater flexibility 

Instalments – pay for your funeral plan monthly between 1 and 20 years dependent on age with a minimum deposit of £99  

Fixed Monthly Payment Plan – Available for anyone between the ages of 50 and 80. You pay a fixed amount monthly either for life or until you are 90 and are covered for your funeral services after the first two years. There is a chance with this type of plan you could pay in more than the cost of the funeral service; it all depends on how long you live.

Payment Options

Value Plan

Standard Plan

Select Plan

Premier Plan
Normal Price


How secure is the Golden Charter Plan  

Golden Charter is registered with and regulated by the Funeral planning Authority so therefore has to comply with their strict rules and code of conduct on the service you receive and most importantly how the money is held. 

For all payment options apart from the fixed monthly payment plan, your money is held in the Golden Charter Trust; a trust fund that is a completely separate entity to Golden Charter, so if anything happens to the company, the trust fund with your money in it remains intact ready to pay for your funeral services.  

With the Fixed Monthly Payment option, your money is paid into a life insurance plan which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Golden Charter are also recommended by The National Society of Allied and Independent Society of Funeral Directors.


Golden charter reviews

Golden Charter Company - Review

Golden Charter is one of the market leading later life planning companies that offers prepaid funeral plans and legal services. It is owned by an association of independent funeral directors and has been in business for more than 25 years.

Working with over 3,300 independent funeral directors throughout the UK, Golden Charter is one of the largest plan providers in the country.

Our Verdict

Whilst there are a number of worthy factors supporting the Golden Charter funeral plan such as the free transportation if anything were to happen whilst on holiday throughout the UK and the fact that the plan can be used by another member of the family at no extra cost, however the third party contribution of £1,100 for third party costs in no way guarantees that all of your cremation and ministers fees will be paid in full.

The allowance does increase in line with trust fund but this is not at all transparent, therefore you need to consider that further charges may apply when the time comes.


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Our Recommendation

We recommend the Dignity Funeral Plan as they guarantee to fix ALL funeral costs listed in the plan which includes the funeral director's services and the cremation & ministers fees, so you can be sure that your family will have nothing more to pay.

You will never have to worry about rising funeral costs as they are guaranteed at the price you pay today - giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of and when the time comes your family will only have to make one phone call.

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