Simple cremation explained

  • What is direct cremation?
  • How does a direct funeral work?
  • What are the pros and cons of direct cremations?
  • Which is the best cremation only funeral plan?

Everything you need to know about going ‘direct’ with an affordable simple cremation plan that avoids the upset of a funeral service.

What is a direct cremation?

Direct cremation is simply the cremation process but with no funeral service, so no family or friends in attendance. Also referred to as a direct funeral, it offers a fuss free, simple and cheap funeral alternative that has been growing in popularity throughout the UK over recent years.

Brought into the limelight by David Bowie who chose direct cremation because he wanted to be remembered for his music and not his funeral, this type of no service funeral appeals for a number of reasons:

  • The main reason people choose a cremation without a funeral is to avoid the upset of a funeral service. Instead of a sombre affair at the crematorium, they would rather give the family the freedom to say goodbye how they choose; be it a knees up down the local pub or a more relaxing family get together, perhaps in a special place.
  • Direct funerals are a fraction of the price of the more traditional option, so if you are searching for cheap funerals, either because you want to keep costs to a minimum or would rather give the money to family, this might be the plan for you.
  • Family members don’t always get on, live in far flung destinations or may have dwindled over the years; so arranging a funeral may be difficult to do. The simplicity of choosing a no service cremation can therefore also make things a little easier on you.

Direct cremation isn’t for everyone; but the thing to remember is that you don’t have to have a funeral service at a crematorium or church. There’s now an alternative that is equally dignified and respectful, offers freedom and flexibility, is cheaper and perfect for those of us who just don’t like funerals.

How does a direct funeral plan work?

As demand for a ‘no funeral just cremation’ style service has increased, a number of companies now provide prepaid direct funeral plans that let you arrange and pay for your services in advice. This not only saves money as you are avoiding future inflation, it also makes things a lot easier for the family when the time comes as you have pre-arranged everything for them.

A direct cremation funeral plan ensures that when the time comes, the company arranging the cremation only service will organise collection, care for the deceased until the time of the cremation, complete the legally required paperwork and arrange and carry out the cremation process. The ashes can then either be returned to family, or scattered on the garden of remembrance.

So in very simple terms, all ‘no funeral just cremation’ style plans include 3 main elements:

  • Collection of the deceased
  • The cremation process
  • Return or scattering of the ashes

The reality of how some companies charge for these services however is somewhat different and can lead to hidden extras; so be warned; a cheap plan may not end up being that cheap in the long run if you are not careful.

We savvy savers at Simply Funeral Plans believe a guarantee should be a guarantee, not a ‘ well you might have to pay extra for this’ type guarantee; so let’s get down to business and spill the beans on what you should expect when comparing plans:

Collection of the deceased

All direct funeral plans include collection but there are some loop holes that can lead to further costs. For example, many plan providers offer free collection either from a hospital or hospice (basically anywhere with a mortuary) but charge up to £250 extra for collection from home or a nursing home. In addition with some plans you may have to pay more if collection is out of core working hours and not all companies operate throughout the whole of the UK.

The cremation process

You may also be required to pay doctor’s fees for a second death certificate, currently costing around £164. A forth coming change in the law means this may not be relevant in the future however as yet, there is no date set for this change.

The Ashes

As mentioned, the ashes can either be scattered at the garden of remembrance or returned to the family; it’s entirely up to you. Many companies will charge for the ashes to be returned however and rely on a courier for delivery which some people may find a little disconcerting.

What is the best cremation only funeral plan?

Having extensively reviewed and compared direct cremation plans, the company we have chosen to partner with is Golden Leaves, a leading funeral planning company that operate throughout the UK and parts of Europe,

Golden Leaves offer a 100% guarantee for all of the services included in their plans and provide a more local service using crematoriums located throughout the country – something that cannot be said of many other companies that only operate from one location, 

The Golden Leaves Copper Plan includes collection from anywhere in UK and at any time of the day with no hidden charges. The cremation fees and doctor’s fees are also guaranteed and the ashes can either be returned back to the family or scattered on the garden of remembrance. 

Your money is held safe and secure in a trust fund, ring fenced ready to pay for your cremation services and importantly Golden Leaves is registered and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, which means they comply with their strict rules and code of practise as to how your money is held and the services you receive.

You can pay for your Golden Leaves direct cremation funeral plan either in one go or over 12 months without incurring additional fees. Alternatively if you prefer to spread your costs of a longer period, monthly payment funeral plans are available between 2 to 5 years.

In a nutshell, these comparatively cheap funeral plans fully guarantee all of the services included and most importantly give families the freedom to choose how they prefer to say goodbye.

What are the pros and cons of direct cremation?

Choosing cremation without a funeral service is a big decision, so it is important to speak to your family and weigh up the following pros and cons together, so you can decide on the best option for you.

It may take time for them to understand the differences between cremation only plans and more traditional prepaid funeral plans and to appreciate that there are now alternatives that are just as respectful but provide the freedom to ‘say goodbye’ your own way, in a more relaxed and familiar setting. 

Pros of a direct funeraldirect cremation funeral

  • Simple, non religious cremation with no fuss 
  • Saves money as half the price of a traditional funeral plan
  • No upsetting funeral service at a church or crematorium
  • Leaves family free to arrange a service where and when they choose
  • Ashes are returned if requested for family to keep, scatter or bury

Cons of a direct funeral

  • No family viewing at a chapel of rest
  • The crematorium may not be local to you
  • No funeral service at the crematorium or church
  • No family or friends in attendance*

If you do decide that you prefer a more traditional funeral with a service, take a look at our prepaid funeral plan comparison plan section.

Alternatively if you are looking at low cost options and would rather make lower payments on a monthly basis, you may want to take a look at monthly funeral plans and also our guide to Over 50 Life Insurance. Whilst the over 50 life cover won’t provide your funeral services, it is a way you could leave a cash lump sum for family to help towards the funeral costs.

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