Simplicity cremation plan review

  • Fully guaranteed cremation plans
  • One of the best priced plans on the market
  • 3 options to choose from giving families option to attend
  • Awarded "best direct cremation provider" by the 2018 Good Funeral Awards


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Simplicity Cremations - Key Points

simplicity cremations

  • Everything included in the plans is fully guaranteed
  • Includes 24 hour transportation from anywhere in mainland UK 24 hours a day
  • Funeral Planning Authority registered company 
  • 3 plans offering flexibility if the family wishes to attend
  • One of the best and lowest priced plans on the market 
  • Ability to choose a more local service with two of the three plans
  • Provided by market leading funeral planning company Dignity
  • Flexibility to move and the plan moves with you at no extra cost
  • Free 24 hour bereavement and advice telephone counselling service
  • Nationwide coverage with 46 crematoriums throughout the UK
  • You have to be at least 50 years of age to apply
  • Plans don’t include a second doctor’s certificate if required, however in alignment with Scotland, the law is expected to change meaning this won’t be relevant in the near future.

Plan Options

  • Lily Plan: £1,495 – Guarantees to cover the cost of collection anywhere in mainland UK at any time of the day or night; a simple coffin, an unattended direct cremation supervised by a qualified chapel attendant and return of the ashes to family.
  •  Magnolia Plan £1,795 – Guarantees to cover the cost of collection anywhere in mainland UK at any time of the day or night; a short intimate funeral allowing up to 12 people to attend and say a few words, a simple coffin, the cremation and return of the ashes to family
  • Orchid Plan: £2,295 - Guarantees to cover the cost of collection anywhere in mainland UK at any time of the day or night; a full length service organised and carried out by the family in the chapel, a simple coffin, the cremation and return of the ashes to family.

Payment options

There are a number of ways you can pay for your Simplicity Direct Cremation Funeral Plan:

In full or over 12 months – this is the cheapest option as you don’t pay any additional fees.

Alternatively if you prefer to spread your payments to make them more manageable, instalment options between 1 and 10 years are available.

You just need to ensure you have completed your payments by the time you are 85.

Payment options Lily plan Magnolia plan Orchid plan
Single payment £1,495 £1,795 £2,295
1 year plan £124.58 £149.58 £191.25
2 year period £65.92 £79.15 £101.20
5 year period £28.75 £34.52 £44.14
10 year period £16.51 £19.82 £25.35

How secure is the Simplicity Plan

As part of the Dignity group, Simplicity Cremations is registered with and therefore regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, so you can be reassured that they comply with their strict rules and code of practise as to how your money is held and the quality of service you and your family receive.

When you buy a Simplicity Direct Cremation Plan your money is held in the Nation Funeral Trust; a trust fund that is a completely independent entity so if anything were to happen to Simplicity Cremations or indeed Dignity, the trust fund with your money in it remains intact and ready to pay for your chosen cremation services.

simplicity funeral plans

Company Review

As mentioned, Simplicity Cremations is part of the Dignity group which is one of the leading funeral planning companies in the UK.

In addition to offering prepaid funeral plans, Dignity have a network of more than 1,200 privately owned or approved funeral directors and is the largest single operator of crematoriums.

The company has received numerous awards for quality of service, including ‘Best Direct Cremation Provider’ by the 2018 Good Funeral Awards.

Simplicity Cremations funeral plans – Our Verdict

The Simplicity range of direct cremation funeral plans have been carefully designed to meet the requirements of those looking for an alternative to a more traditional funeral. Whether you are looking for a simple dignified cremation with no service or would like to give your family the option to attend, the choice is available.

What’s more the plans are competitive when it comes down to price, with the Lily plan being one of the best priced plans available and don’t forget the services included are completely guaranteed.

In addition, Simplicity has access to the 46 Dignity crematoriums that are located throughout the UK, so a far greater coverage than the majority of providers who only operate in one location.

Basically Simplicity Cremations prepaid funeral plans continue to offer the same excellent level of service and value for money that we have come to expect from Dignity.

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