Simplicity Cremations review 2022

  • Services included in Simplicity funeral plans are guaranteed
  • Plans don't include doctor’s fees (£164 at today’s prices)
  • 3 options to choose from giving families option to attend
  • Provided by Dignity, one of the largest funeral planning companies

Simplicity Cremation reviews on Feefo

Simplicity Cremations reviews by their customers can be found on independent review site Feefo. There are a total of 878 reviews and their customer experience rating is 4.8 out of 5.

For more information on Simplicity Cremations reviews and how they compare to other direct cremation funeral plan providers, take a look at the Fairer Finance report.

Market insight: For a direct cremation plan that does include doctors fees and is the same price see our Golden Leaves Review.

Key points about the plan

  • Services included in Simplicity funeral plans are fully guaranteed
  • Includes 24 hour transportation from anywhere in mainland UK, 24 hours a day
  • Doesn’t include doctor’s fees. If required these would need to be paid for by family at the time of need
  • Funeral Planning Authority registered company
  • 3 plans offering flexibility if the family wishes to attend
  • One of the lowest priced plans on the market
  • Provided by market leading funeral planning company Dignity
  • Flexibility to move and the plan moves with you at no extra cost
  • Free 24 hour bereavement and advice telephone counselling service
  • Nationwide coverage with 46 crematoriums throughout the UK
  • You have to be at least 50 years of age to apply
  • The crematorium used will be the closest Dignity crematorium to your resting place

How to choose the best prepaid cremation plan

Simplicity funerals - plan options

  • Lily Plan: £1,495 – Guarantees to cover the cost of collection anywhere in mainland UK at any time of the day or night; a simple coffin, an unattended direct cremation supervised by a qualified chapel attendant and return of the ashes to family.
  •  Magnolia Plan £1,795 – Guarantees to cover the cost of collection anywhere in mainland UK at any time of the day or night, a simple coffin, the cremation and return of the ashes to family. The Magnolia Plan also allows up to 12 people to attend a short, intimate funeral at the crematorium chapel. This will typically be held at around 9am at the closest Dignity crematorium to your resting place.
  • Orchid Plan: £2,295 - Guarantees to cover the cost of collection anywhere in mainland UK at any time of the day or night, a simple coffin, the cremation and return of the ashes to family. The Orchid Plan also includes a full length service with no limit on attendees. The service will be organised and carried out by the family and held at the closest Dignity crematorium to your resting place.

How much does Simplicity Cremations cost?

The cost of a Simplicity Cremation funeral plan depends on how you want to pay and which of the three funeral plans you prefer.

In full or over 12 months – this is the cheapest option as you don’t pay any additional fees.

Alternatively, if you prefer to spread the cost of your Simplicity funeral plan, instalment options between 1 and 10 years are available.

You just need to ensure you have completed your payments by the time you are 85.

Payment options Lily plan Magnolia plan Orchid plan
Single payment £1,495 £1,795 £2,295
1 year plan £124.58 £149.58 £191.25
2 year period £65.92 £79.15 £101.20
5 year period £28.75 £34.52 £44.14
10 year period £16.51 £19.82 £25.35

What happens at a Simplicity Cremation?

A Simplicity Cremation is a simple cremation without the formality of a traditional funeral service. The three Simplicity funeral plans provide a dignified cremation that family have the option to attend, without the expense of a hearse, limousines or expensive coffin.

Pros and cons of a direct cremation explained

Are Simplicity Cremations safe?

When you pay for a Simplicity funeral plan, your money is held securely in an independently managed trust fund. This guarantees your funds will remain safe and protected, ready to pay for your cremation services no matter what.

And as part of the Dignity group, Simplicity Cremations is registered and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority. This means they comply with the FPA’s strict rules governing the security of your funds and quality of service.

Company Review

As mentioned, Simplicity Cremations is part of the Dignity group which is one of the leading funeral planning companies in the UK.

In addition to offering prepaid funeral plans, Dignity have a network of more than 1,200 privately owned or approved funeral directors and is the largest single operator of crematoriums.

The company has received numerous awards for quality of service, including ‘Best Direct Cremation Provider’ by the 2018 Good Funeral Awards.

The Simplicity Cremations advert

The new Simplicity Cremations advert on TV highlights the simplicity, ease and fuss free benefits of Simplicity funerals. The TV adverts feature short rhymes which also explain how cheap this type of funeral is compared to a traditional cremation funeral with a service.

Simplicity Cremations funeral plans – Our Verdict

Simplicity funerals offer flexibility, giving families the option to choose between an attended or unattended simple cremation.

The cost of a Simplicity Cremations funeral plan is competitive and the services included are completely guaranteed. However, none of the plans include the doctor’s fees, which currently cost around £164. If required, these will need to be paid for by the family at the time of need.

It’s also worth highlighting that with the Magnolia or Orchid plan, the cremation will be held at the closest Dignity crematorium to your resting place, which of course can only be decided upon by Simplicity when the time comes and may not be local to your family.

An alternative Offer

For more information on a plan that includes doctors fees and costs £1,495, read our Golden Leaves review.

Golden Leaves direct cremation review

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